Short Company History

Introduction of METRÓBER Ltd.

The origins of Metróber Ltd. reach back to the year 1949. Its past of more than 60 years was eventful for the company in terms of both legal and structural changes. The most recent active period resulted in a continuous reshaping of the company to current demands.

The initial function of Metróber Ltd. was the technical supervision and coordination of the construction works of the first underground railway line of the capital city of Hungary.

The transportation development plans of the capital city generated further projects, and by means of such, new company profiles developed, in particular the construction of roads and bridges. From the 1970's our activities focused exclusively on technical, engineering and economical tasks related to transportation development projects.

The specialization knowledge gathered throughout these decades gave way to the consultancy function of the company, which has remained the primary competence of Metróber Ltd. to this day.

Most recent decades brought new challenges, thus the range of transportation development projects, which previously concerned the capital city, was extended to the development of national roads and motorway construction projects.

Along side transportation development projects, today Metróber Ltd. plays an increasingly greater role in environmental protection projects (e.g. sewage purification plants, solid waste management programs, etc.), and building construction projects (e.g. shopping centers, border crossing points, hotel reconstruction projects, etc.).

To the projects listed above Metróber Ltd. contributes mainly as expert, engineer supervisor, or executive engineer.

Its staff of 35 employees resides in the office building at H-1087 Budapest, Kerepesi út 29/c., along with Engineer subcontractors of approx. 15-20 people, depending on the type and volume of projects undertaken from time to time.

The new proprietor of Metróber Ltd. is the TITÁN Holding Privately Held Company owned by four new Hungarian entities. The new registered director of the company is Balázs Boros.

Strategic and technical decisions of Metróber Ltd. are coordinated by András Kató as managing director.

Strategic and technical decisions of TITÁN Holding Co. are coordinated by András Kató as member (chairman) of the board of directors.